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Old Dexter Product
Paddle Wheel Bottle UK
Deckhand Bottle UK
Brain Brew UK Tall Stacks

An easy drinking four-grain classic distillation of corn, wheat, rye and barley. Old Dexter has been crafted to be easy, making it perfect for kicking back and relaxing.

Aroma – Light nose of vanilla and brown sugar

Taste – Smooth on the tongue with flavours of honey, caramel, oak and butterscotch

Finish – Soft finish of cinnamon and toasted oak

Paddle Wheel is finished using reclaimed 200-year-old American Oak to give it a unique, rich and mature flavour. 

Aroma – Vanilla, caramel, anise and sherry bouquet

Taste – Dark fruit, raisin, caramel and allspice flavours fills the palate

Finish – Long complex oaky finish

Deckhand is finished with five woods for a crazy complex yet smooth experience. The kick of the Rye in the mash bill makes it perfect for cocktails or over ice.

Aroma – Dried cherry, currant and honey, which carry throughout

Taste – Smooth spiciness of cardamom, black pepper, vanilla, cherry cola and honey

Finish – Long and complex experience

Unlike peat smoke, Tall Stacks has a wonderful natural woody smokiness that conjures up memories of warming yourself around a bonfire.

Aroma – Sweet smoke, hot chocolate and malt

Taste – Caramel, vanilla, malt and oak

Finish – Long smoky finish