At Home Bourbon Experience & 20cl Personal Recipe Bottle


The traditional home experience kit and a 20cl bottle of your personal recipe! The ultimate gift for any bourbon or whiskey lover.

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Custom Bourbon Made by You

All Custom Bottles Must Be Ordered by the end of 2021. 

The ultimate custom bourbon experience. First we will send you our In-Home Box, which contains all you need to create your own personal bourbon recipe. The box contain 6 unique bourbons, 50ml of each. The instructions walk you through the tasting of these six bourbons and the creating of your own recipe. No prior knowledge or experience required.

Though the box is designed for one person, there is usually enough bourbon for 2-3 people, depending on how much you love each one! These six bottles equates to 12 UK standard measures or if you prefer 6 double measures. From these you can now create a recipe that is perfect for you.

Once you have the perfect recipe, why wouldn’t you want to have a full bottle, signed by yourself that can be pride of place in your drink cabinet. We will blend and bottle your unique recipe and the minimum order quantity is 1, yes only one bottle. As an introductory offer we are also including free shipping when you order the bourbon box AND the 70cl custom bottle.

All you need to do is sign your label and send it back to us at Brain Brew, along with the recipe sheet and we will get your personalised bottle to you in no time.

A lot of whiskey tastings are very serious, we want everyone to relax and have fun making their recipe that is as unique as they are as individuals.

All the bourbons included in the box and custom bottle are premium, award-winning bourbons, so you we can guarantee success for you. If you really Love your new recipe, we will even submit into international competitions for you, so that your recipe can also become an award winner – though we can’t guarantee the judges will agree!

The six bourbons in the box are:

  • American Oak – the classic bourbon taste
  • Maple Wood – the sweet mellowness of maple wood
  • 200 Year American – a more complex, long finishing American oak
  • Windsor Oak – the only bourbon made with English oak locally sourced from royal Windsor
  • Cherry – the richness and brightness of cherry wood
  • Three Smoked Oak – a wonderful ‘bonfire’ aroma rather than traditional peat