On Trade Bourbon 


How It Works

Craft your own bourbon for your organisation! 

Step 1: Choose Your Grains & Woods 

First, choose from a selection of grain bills using Corn, Rye, Wheat or Barley Malt. Next, you will create your Wood Bill™ using a selection of six classic woods including New American Oak, European Oak, 200 Year Oak, Cherry, Maple or Smoked Oak.

Step 2: Taste Your Recipes

After you decide your preferences, our team will individually curate and make it possible for you to taste different variations. 

Step 3: Choose Your Brand & Serve to Your Customers

Upon selecting your personal whiskey, you will design your label, cork specifications. Our team will take care of the rest to ensure your bottle is ready to serve in your orginisation. 

Organisations with On Trade Bourbon 


Beer led the way with bringing craft passion and innovation to beer. Now you can bring that same passion to spirits for your tap room and customers.

Hotels, Bars & Clubs 

Whatever the style of your hotel, club or bar you can now create the perfect spirit for your house pour, cocktails or premium offering.


Barrel picks are great in theory but having your truly own Wood Craft™ Spirit for your restaurant and bar is even better.

The Brain Brew Way

Our technology allows every business or charity to create their very own bourbon. Explore our award-winning products here.