An Experience Unlike Any Other

Taste preferences are personal and the Brain Brew At Home Bourbon Experience gives you the chance to craft your own signature taste bourbon!

Father's Day At Home Bourbon Experience


Create Your Bourbon at Home

The At-Home Bourbon Experience contains six 50ml bottles of award-winning bourbons, blending cups, a patent pending measuring ladel, a Brain Brew tasting mat, interactive instructions and a Brain Brew Label that gives you the chance to order your personal recipe.

Your kit will include 12 standard UK measures of bourbon which allows up to three people the chance to create their own bourbon!



Fun & Easy Process 

You deserve your own personal bourbon crafted from your personal tastes! Normally, we host Custom Bourbon Experience Events, but with the need to stay home at present, we have developed an at-home version. The box contains all the materials and instructions you will need to create your own perfect recipe. No prior knowledge or experience is required to use the at home box.

Six Award-Winning Bourbons 

Participants will use our six award-winning WoodCraft finished Bourbons to create personal whiskey based on their preferences. The bourbons in the experience were created to serve as building blocks for bourbon blending. However, all six bourbons have won top awards in their categories. 

Our patent pending measuring ladles make it easy to precisely work through testing your bourbon flavors. The special tasting mat makes the blending process intuitive and fun!

Father's Day At Home Bourbon Experience

Create Your Brand & Order

After crafting your personal whiskey recipe, create your brand name and write it on your label included in the kit. We will produce your personal bourbon and send it back to you. 



Explore our home experience offering below to create personal bourbon with friends and family from the comfort of your home.