The Brain Brew Crew – and our parent company the Eureka! Ranch have a long history of collaboration. The Ranch has signed over 50 collaboration agreements around the world.

Collaboration is made easy because our WoodCraft Finishing technology gives us unlimited supplies of custom – one of a kind – Super Premium or Luxury Bourbon, Rye, Wheat or Multi-grain Whiskey.

We collaborate with Craft Distilleries

Like we are doing with Jarret of Caldera (link) on his new Maritime Whiskey Collection in Eastern Canada.

We collaborate with Distributors

Now it’s painless for Distributors to craft a one of a kind bourbon without spending a fortune to get started.  Later, with success we can even make it hyper local with…

We collaborate with the Hospitality Trade

We are working on a new generation food service concept the promises to increase sales and profits.

We collaborate with Celebrities

You don’t have to be George Clooney to have your own super premium or luxury bourbon.