It’s a challenging time but we are still here,

and we are still making World Class Whiskey.

We have made adjustments for the Safety of our Production Staff having them work in Split Shifts. 

Letter from Doug goes here………….





Coming Soon!

Custom Cocktail Kit     $Price 

Always been daunted by crafting that perfect cocktail? Always loved a Manhattan but never been able to get it just right? We can help, this kit will guide you through crafting your own perfect cocktail to your tastes. Cheers!


Now Available!

Bourbon Wizard FREE

We can’t host Custom Experiences but you can still find your perfect blend! Click below to run through a series of questions that will craft a Bourbon specific to your tastes. Once you have your recipe you can order a bottle of your Custom Blend. The cost of your Custom Bottle is $45


Coming Soon!

Custom Bourbon Experience Home Kit $Price

Experience the Custom Bourbon Experience in the Comfort of your own home. Whether it’s just your household or you jump on a conference call with friends you can follow along with our video and craft your own Custom Bourbon from the comfort of your home. 

Once you have your recipe you can order a bottle of YOUR blend at

Our distillery is located at the Eureka! Ranch in Newtown Ohio just 6 miles north of Kentucky and a few miles east of Cincinnati Ohio.