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I would highly recommend this company. I got a kit as a present and what a product. I had great fun making my own drink, thank you. Now that I have found you, I will definitely return.
John – April 2020
A fantastic night! Found the evening very informative regarding the subject of both whiskey and bourbons! The tasting and blending experience was great fun and very well presented by the team. I would highly recommend this experience to everyone who enjoys the world of whiskey or bourbon.
Pat – January 2020
We had great fun working our way through the tasting experience with easy to follow instructions that really helped make it fun as well as not wasting the liquor!

The tasting instructions/mat and personal recipe mat added to the theatre. The six bourbons all had their differences and we went through them in the order of the tasting mat and refined our choices before starting on the mixing.

If you fancy a try, this comes recommended from us!
Nick – April 2020

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