Custom Bourbon Experience – June 20, 2020 – 4PM

Our sessions are held at the Eureka! Ranch, 3849 Edwards Road, Newtown, Ohio 45244 every Saturday

To reserve a session in November and December 2019, at special offer price of $35  (regular price is $45) for the session itself including all the tastings. At the end of the session if you want to buy a 750ml bottle of your personal bourbon the cost is just $45 per bottle.


Once everybody has arrived at the Ranch, you will be greeted by one of the Brain Brew team who explain how the Experience is going to run.

You will each be given a micro cocktail, each made our Riverboat series of whiskies (that are available to purchase at Party Source). While you are enjoying those, your Brain Brew guide will take you through some of the fundamentals of how the world’s most famous spirit is made. We’ll explain the importance of grain and wood and how whiskey has developed in the two famous whiskey markets of the USA and Scotland. You will learn about traditional barrel aging and our unique WoodCraft™ finishing and the wonderful new woods that we use in our bourbons.

You will now be introduced to the six bourbons that you will be using and learn the techniques used by master whiskey makers.

Bourbon 1: American Oak
Bourbon 2: European Oak
Bourbon 3: Cherry Wood
Bourbon 4: Maple Wood
Bourbon 5: 200 Year American Oak
Bourbon 6: Smoked Oak

Then you will begin your first round of tasting of the six bourbons.

Next we will show you how to build up different personalized recipes from the six bourbons. You will experiment with different foundation bourbons and the dramatic taste difference you get from adding small amounts of other bourbons to your mix.

By now you’ll be ready to choose the final recipe of your one of a kind personal bourbon. You can now order as many 750 ml bottles as you like, for $45 a bottle.

Which just leaves you to personalize your label which we will add to your bottles ready for when you pick it up a couple of days later from the Ranch or from The Party Source.


Jun 20 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm




Brain Brew Distilling at Eureka! Ranch
3849 Edwards Road, Newtown, Ohio 45244
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