Our story

At Brain Brew we want to bring a craft mindset to the world of whiskey, with a much broader range of tastes and aromas. Brain Brew empowers you to choose your bourbon flavours and create your personal bottle!

We love all whiskies and wherever they are made. For nearly 20 years, our small team of engineers, chefs and innovation experts have been working to perfect our new unique WoodCraft™ finishing process. This process makes it possible for you to create your flavours tailored to you! 

Origins of Innovation

our process

WoodCraft™ finishing is a new way to make whiskey that is unique, smart and 100% natural. Instead of leaving barrels to heat and cool randomly for years we apply heating and cooling cycles with incredible precision to achieve amazing taste and smoothness in hours rather than years.

Our team have invented and successfully commercialised an all natural Wood Craft™ finishing recipe that enables unlimited supply of super premium – double gold winning spirits. We focus on the interaction of wood and spirit as 70% of the flavour and 100% of the smoothness comes from the wood.

Woodcraft Logo

Our Mission

To allow every person to have their very own signature bourbon.  

OUR mindset

During the process of creating WoodCraft™ Finishing, we failed a lot. But with changing the mindset of failing we learned a lot! Check out our video describing our mindset for innovation.


Our products have won some of the world’s most prestigious competitions. 

  • Two of eight Double Golds at the North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition
  • TWO TIMES – UNANIMOUS CHOICE DOUBLE GOLD – San Francisco World Spirits Competition – this is one of the most prestigious of competitions.
  • Winner of Dozens of other Gold & Silver Medals across competitions
  • 95, 94, 93 Ratings – Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Plus, awards for BEST VALUE.

    Awards Double Gold

    WSC Gold Winner


    Wood is 70% the flavour & 100% the smoothness

    Wood is the single most important part of a great whiskey. 70% of the flavor and 100% of the smoothness comes from the wood.

    When wood and whiskey combine the alcohol moves in and out of the wood. The wood helps absorb the unwanted harsh flavors and the alcohol breaks down the the lignin in the wood. Through many cycles of heating and cooling, the flavor and smoothness develops in the finished drink.

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